Opening salvo

I decided to try out this blogging world, for a few reasons. First, I do genuinely like to write, and I kid myself that there might be some folks interested in what I have to say. Second, like so many of us, I’d like to be able to update friends and family, maybe even more often than once a year. Sadly, we find ourselves getting together (with friends and family) much less often than we’d like — maybe the blogs will help prompt some conversation and contact? We’ll see.

I plan to write up anything that I find interesting – – travels, projects, health, politics, whatever. The superb thing about blogs is, the reader can ignore the writer completely with no insult whatsoever (kinda different from conversations).


One thought on “Opening salvo

  1. Excellent blog, Greg. I enjoy your perspectives and your writing, this seems like a good way to post and share. Sorry you caught a bug; hopefully you are getting the proper care, medicine if necessary, and rest.

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