CA Roaming – Oregon Thanksgiving

28 November


Yesterday ended successfully, with all vehicles finished and running like champs. Although late-ish in the evening, everybody went home happy for the holiday weekend.


Today, Robert and Barbara Henderson (of Lineup fame) have graciously invited us for a Thanksgiving get-together, and we’re looking forward to a pleasant afternoon.


The weather forecast for this coming week is stormy across the entire western seaboard, from Seattle to San Diego.

We’re not excited about getting caught out in snow country and sub-freezing nights, so our plans are to head back to the coast, tomorrow (Friday). It will still be stormy, but warmer. And watching heavy weather along a coastline is a marvelous experience in itself (with proper precautions of course).

After we’ve taken enough pounding, we’ll head east-bound toward the Sacramento area and touch base with friends/family there.

29 November

In Motion

Yesterday proved a charming time, with a wonderful dinner spent with warm, hospitable friends.

It’s always a bit of a gamble going to friends’ for the first meal, because we never know what style of eating we’re going to encounter. Yesterday was great good fortune, for Robert and Barbara are as health-conscious as we are, and they prepared a varied, sumptuous, and wonderfully healthy meal. I even got a slice of gluten-free pie!!


With anything and everything to talk about, the afternoon sped by before we knew it. Late in the day, Karin and Barbara took Robert’s mom Ann home, and Robert and I went for a quick bike ride in the crisp air. He had a Bike Friday Tickit that I wanted to try out, so off we went.

The Tickit is a pretty impressive ride for a 16” tire bike, and we spun around the neighborhood at a good clip for a few minutes.

Sadly, the cold air was a bit much, and after one sharp jolt, one of my frozen ears (the left) cracked and broke off completely.

clip_image008The little pink disk hit the ground rolling, and before I could stop it almost went down a sewer drain. But fortunately, I captured it whole, and with a little duct tape and super-glue got the little booger stuck back in place.

I had to sleep on my right side last night, but after I peeled off the tape this morning, I could hardly see the glue joint. I’m optimistic for a full recovery. :o)

We’re heading back to the coast today, no Internet for a while.



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