CA Roaming – Inland and Home


05-07 December

Moving & Visiting


This morning, as we prepare to leave Colusa, an incessant whining/roaring sound prevails across the campground. Peering out our frost-covered windows reveals the culprit: a pavement-patching machine being operated along the elevated levee road 50 yards away. We don’t pay it much attention, and the noise drones in the background of a relaxed morning. We have only 100 miles or so to travel today and are in no hurry to get-up-and-go.

However, at around 10AM, the guy operating the paving machine gets out to do some inspection and maintenance. Imagine our surprise and delight to discover that Santa Claus is repairing the Yolo County roadways!!

As I try to get some telephoto shots through the trees, Karin disappears. I’m concentrating and waiting for Santa to get into a good position for a candid snapshot, and lo-and-behold, there is Karin chatting up Saint Nicholas atop the levee. Turns out he’s actually just a nice guy with a lot of white hair, and we engage each other in conversation for quite a while as he waits for his rig to boil up a new batch of asphalt.



(No, not that kind, the temperature kind. What were you thinking?)


A cold front is working its way through the western edge of the US. As Karin and I take our “nature walk” before departing Colusa, an odd sight confronts us. A campground water faucet has been dripping (perhaps intentionally, who knows) and has built up an ice “stalagmite”. There are yet a few inches before it becomes a full “column” (all this is articulated in caving parlance). It’s still barely 40F as we start our walk, and these temps and sights are a bit rare in central California. I know, I know, all you folks in the <real> winter climates are laughing yourselves silly. But this is California, I hope you understand. We take pictures of snow and ice and show them to our friends. If they are true friends, they don’t make (too much) fun of us.



(No, not the drug kind, the physical kind. What were you thinking?)

Our dear friend Dana has recently played whack-a-mole with her spinal vertebrae in a bicycle altercation, and she is recovering in Sacramento. We go to see her and we all trade thoughts, stories, ideas, and tales of our recent lives. She has some neural damage and is re-training some circuits and doing very nicely. Those of you who pray, please add her in your prayers; those of you who don’t pray, please send her some positive vibes; those of you who don’t vibe – – uhh, I’ll get back to you.

I know that Dana is in the right place to begin her recovery. After all, how many hospitals have wild turkeys roaming around the parking lot?

Warm & Fuzzies

We spend two full days, not seeing sights, not driving down the highways, but instead making real human contact with friends and family, some of whom we have not been together with in years. It’s a wonderful, warming, soul-touching experience for all of us. Once again Karin and I solemnly vow (perhaps more meaningfully this time) to spend more of our time staying in touch. We feel, more than ever, that mystical, magical, satisfying, life-enriching flow of energy and love that only communion with our loved ones can bring.

Happy Holidays to you all, G&K.


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