About us

We are <finally> retired, and we seem to have less time than ever, burying ourselves in projects and tasks like never before. Days just fly by.

When we can, we hike, bike, and RV around to places that we’d like to see.


We bought a smallish class-A motorhome, but still big to us, and named it Howie, an acronym for House On Wheels In Excess. At 27 feet, 14,000 pounds, and only 8 inches of ground clearance, my treating it like a Jeep has left some souvenir scars.
Initially, clinging tenaciously to Howie’s back was, aptly enough, Papoose – – our Yamaha TW200 sport motorcycle. Papoose was handy for local transportation without uprooting our “house”. But long highway trips are an endurance test on the vibrating, lightweight bike.

RalphAfter three years, Papoose found a new home and Ranger Ralph, our 1996 4WD Ford pickup, started following Howie everywhere. Ralph is luxurious but capable, with 4″ of lift and a Tru-Trak locker rear differential. If it’s not submerged or vertical, Ralph can likely get through.

Most of the blogs you will see here have to do with “camping” in Howie, traveling about wherever our whims take us. Occasionally I might tuck in a variation, but this is largely a Travel blog site.

For more than a year, I resisted doing any blogging here on WordPress. I felt like it would be “better” to publish from my own web site, and I fiddled around with that for a long time. But my web site had no capability or “engine” for blogging, and I didn’t want to put in the effort to get up the learning curve to do-it-myself. In the interim, all my blogs were published as email attachments.

Finally, I got talked into using my aging WordPress site, due to several influences and my readers’ inputs. Some folks had limited bandwidth and/or attachment limits, others had strong preferences for blog-style formats, and I finally took the plunge and began blogging from here (first entries started in January 2014)

Now that I’m getting familiar with the blog-site capabilities (easy publishing, reader statistics, retro-editing, etc. etc.), I’m really happy I made the switch. As I get some bandwidth, I am taking older (email) posts and back-publishing them here. They’ll show up at their respective dates.


One thought on “About us

  1. At first I wondered what I would without all your adventures happily collected as iBooks PDFs, but this blog-site is outstanding! Keep ’em coming! XOXO to you both, Yer Cuz Lis

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